Applying for Co-Op Membership? 
Once you have read our membership guidelines and are clear on the expectations of a Co-Op Member, send an email to with 4-5 sample images of available pieces, your artist biography, artist resume, any social media or website links and fill out the Interview Questionnaire (below).
We will respond with a confirmation within 24-48 hours. 
***Please note: membership is made available depending on space. You may or may not be accepted right away; if not, we encourage you to consider our Associate Membership in the meantime.***
 Read the Membership Breakdowns to learn more about 
the different levels of Membership:
There are a few different ways to showcase or become part of the gallery:
1. As a Co-Op Member. 
 2. As a volunteer
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To Download the Interview Questionnaire

Wait! There is also the opportunity to volunteer! 
As you may know, we are a non-profit co-op. Which means when we are open, we are volunteering our time. Don't worry, we love art so much, it's not really work to us! However, we DO need help... like all the time! If you love what we are about, and want to volunteer your time, please read contact us at Or swing by any weekend and talk to us in person! 

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To Download the Co-Op Membership Breakdown