The Wandering Eye Art Gallery is located Centro Ybor City. We are a nonprofit cooperative and consist of 14 members. We are a grassroots gallery born from a group of members of the Ybor Arts Colony, located above King Corona on 7th avenue. This is an old boarding house used by the cigar workers in Ybor City from 1880 - 1930, It is now rented to artist for their studio space.

The Wandering Eye Art Gallery exists because of the kindness and love for art that the building owner has and because the property manager wanted to see art back in Ybor City, so, we were able to negotiate the space for utilities only and allowed to flourish as local art gallery. The space we occupy is still for lease and we continue to market the location for rent so it is a win win for everybody involved. Local art does sell but more importantly we bring life to dead spaces, The exchange of love for art that takes place in the interaction in the gallery is priceless. We would like to open these galleries all over the city to allow local artist to show their work and bring communities together through art.

We offer art classes and promote local artist with monthly art launches. We are always looking for new artist so please contact us if you or someone you know would like to come and show with us.