Susan DosCher-Ball
Susan DosCher has been creating art her whole life. Growing up is a small New England town she was fortunate to have the instruction and influence of writers, painters poet’s, and sculptors. She is an imaginative painter, who is driven by her incredible passion for self-expression through her art. Currently DosCher has incorporated many art forms into her paintings. Using concrete to create texture, she also uses stain, ground granite, acrylic and oil to complete her vision. Many of her painting are on canvas but she prefers to use flat Masonite interior door’s that would otherwise be left to the landfills. Giving these doors new life and keeping with the” green” they now have the opportunity to become beautiful and inspiring pieces of art.

Zuri Grimm
Originally from frozen wilds of Connecticut, Zuri Grimm relocated to the Tampa area in 2008. They graduated from Paier College of Art in 1998 with a BFA in Illustration and went on to pursue a career in advertising graphics. The influences of their illustration past is apparent in their current work. Zuri is heavily influenced by the indigenous tribal artwork of Africa and Australia, as well as the work of the artist Modigliani. Inspiration is also found from the experiences with body dysmorphia, their artwork helping to express this sense of awkwardness and its painful perceptions.
Jose M
After perfecting the art of levitation I decided to wander into other areas of self-expression. Painting and, photography are my outlets. Mostly self-taught, I took some photography and acrylic painting courses as I made my way from New York City to the Tampa Bay Area. Now I combine both genres. What inspires my art is what my eyes see and how I relate that vision with my camera or my paint brushes. I wandered by chance into the Wandering Eye Gallery one fall night. I have connected with a part of me that I never thought existed. I have evolved as an artist. It has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Well, maybe after falling on my head a few times while levitating. 
Artysta LuLu (Luisa Padro)
The Paradox of that need to outwardly express emotions and ideas from within should fall into the same research category as subatomic particles and space exploration. There is this magic which occurs inside (or what we believe as inside) each one of us that has been and will continue to be expressed through the various forms of art. My calling is to exemplify the feelings I embrace for creation and mystery. That which we do not fully grasp contains a pureness and beauty to be cherished; simplify that idea to a childlike perspective and it enhances one’s appreciation tremendously. In other words, what surrounds us comes from within us.
Isliany "Izzy" Gonzalez
I was born in 1988 in the humble town of Santa Clara, Cuba. At the age of 7 my family and I moved to the US. Growing up I seldom practice my drawing skills, in fact I didn’t know I could. I went to College and in 2007 received a degree in Radiology. That same year my husband and I were wed, and the beautiful love story of my life began. Five years after, we were blessed with the most amazing anniversary present we could ask for, our son. On January of 2012 my husband and I decided to move to Phoenix, AZ. A month after I was in a bad car accident. Although the damage was severe I was lucky to have survived. Unfortunately my right hand was crushed and I had to have several surgeries. The doctor needed me to work my hand out in order to not lose mobility, and this is when I decided to paint for the first time. This was the moment my mentality changed forever, I realized how beautiful and fragile life can be. Two weeks later I created my first painting and my hand was well on its way to full recovery. Two years have passed, I’m currently residing in Tampa Florida along with my family and I continue painting. Hope you enjoy my work and looking forward to showing you the world through my eyes.
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera was born in 1988 and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. A graduate of USF in Bachelors of Fine Art, he is also a member of "The Focus Group," a photographer collective of USF alumni.
To simply state that I am an abstract artist is not enough. I consider myself as an interdisciplinary artist. Throughout the years of making work and witnessing different types of art, I have realize that art making is an extension of myself. I explore a variety of mediums such as photography, drawing, painting and sculpture to create images.
​                                                                                        Eliott Abel
Originally from Fond du Lac, WI and now relocated to the Tampa Bay area, I now call FL home. Primarily, my artistic background began in drawing and painting. More recently, my work has been an exploration into sculpture as well. My current body of work involves using repurposed and recycled materials to create varied types of hangable artwork involving fantasy creatures and magical monstrosities. One thing I have certainly found in new places and throughout the years, is that my art is always evolving.

From a very early age I have always been drawn to learn, create, conjure, and cross the dual paths of the real and the imagined. Conceptualizing an idea, turning a thought into a manifest creation in color and form, has always held a certain mystical power for me. Shining light on those elusive unknowns and unexplored truths keeps me moving forward and always exploring new avenues. My artwork is a product of my own form of shamanic experience and expression.

Kevin "Johnny" Morales
Kevin Morales is a Tampa native who has been painting since October of 2015.
     Art is therapy to Kevin, as he was encouraged to practice expressive art in a mental hospital where he was seeking help with his depression and several mental disorders. His dark past inspires him to create narrative-like painting which concentrate on human emotions, human development, mental disorders, and medication.
    Kevin aspires for the viewer to find their own stories in the brush strokes of his work.